Messy Play Group

Yesterday I took Sophie to a messy play group at our local children's centre. We sometimes do messy play at home with jelly or yoghurt which she really enjoys. Since we haven't really been out much recently, I thought it would do us both good to get out of the house for a bit.

We haven't been to the children's centre in about 6 months, but we first started going when Sophie was 3 months old. I found it great for meeting new people and getting out of the house.

Anyway, Sophie loved it! I left her in a vest as I knew she would end up covered in something as she usually gets stuck right in haha.

She played with playdoh and flour at first, then we made Daddy a little Valentine's Day card while we were there, which he thought was cute. She then went over to the giant painting and just sat in it!

She ended up with paint everywhere; face, hands, legs and feet etc. and I was following her round with baby wipes trying to clean her up a bit haha. After an hour or so, everything was tidied up and the children sat down for a snack; toast and fruit and a drink.

When we got home, Sophie went straight for a bath, she had some lunch then slept for 2/3 hours which is a bonus as I managed to get some housework done!

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