Sophie's Unicorn Themed Birthday Party

Last weekend we hosted a birthday party at home to celebrate Sophie's 4th birthday. I decided on a pastel and unicorn theme, as who doesn't love unicorns?! I wanted to share some photos from the day and hopefully it will give you some inspiration if you're planning on a similar theme.

We had the usual party food; sandwiches, crisps and sausage rolls and I also added a few treats such as flump marshmallows, party rings and rainbow drops. Of course, let's not forget the gorgeous unicorn cake we had made for her too - which looked and tasted amazing!

I ordered the majority of the decorations online and I'm pretty pleased how it all came together in the end. I will link everything at the end of this post.

I know it was quite brave having the party at home again, especially as last year it rained a lot so the children hardly had chance to go outside and play on the bouncy castle. I hired one again this year for them to play on and thankfully the weather was lovely this year so they got plenty of use out of it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully it gave you some inspiration if you're also hosting a unicorn themed party!

The Unicorns Made Me Do It Print


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  1. this is so adorable, love all the colours. That cake, though - so epic!! x

  2. My girl want's a unicorn party this year for her birthday. You have given me some great ideas x

  3. Aww this is so lovely. We very nearly had a unicorn party for Rosalie this year but I asked her what party she wanted and she said an Ariel party so that is what she is getting xx

  4. Amazing pictures from the birthday party. The food and decorations are wonderfully arranged as per the theme and it all looks great. Sophie must have had an enjoyable time. My daughter will also be celebrating her birthday this weekend as I’m organizing a lovely party for her at the nearby event space NYC.


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