Nursery Storage & Organisation

Following on from the nursery tour, I thought I would show you how I have organised baby girl's nursery and I have tried to maximise the space in the room with the storage we have.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have set up our own changing area using the Hemnes drawers from IKEA and have placed a wedge changing mat on top. I have filled a wicker basket with some changing essentials on top of the drawers. However I will probably use this basket downstairs when baby arrives so I easily have things to hand, as everything we need for changing baby upstairs is in the top drawer for easy access.

I have used storage boxes to separate everything in the drawer, which I have linked to at the end of this post. So, we firstly have plenty of size one nappies - we will be using Pampers again as we preferred them last time too. We have a couple of packs of Water Wipes and a pack of nappy sacks. We then have a selection of muslin cloths, which you can never have enough of when you have a newborn!  

In the back boxes are a selection of nappy creams, coconut oil, colic drops (just in case) and some teethers, along with a variety of baby hats. In the front two boxes are a selection of dummies, bibs, socks and scratch mittens.

The second drawer down is full of newborn and up to 1 month clothes and again I have used the storage boxes to separate them. On the left are her bodysuits/vests, in the middle are sleepsuits and on the right we have knitted cardigans.

The bottom drawer is the perfect size to store bedding, so we have a couple of sleeping bags, moses basket and Snuzpod sheets, cotbed sheets and lots of blankets.

Moving on to the storage cube; I have filled one of the baskets with hooded towels and other bathtime essentials and another is filled with 0-3 month baby clothes - ready to fill her drawers once she has outgrown newborn clothing.

Another basket contains more Water Wipes, nappies and the car seat rain cover.

The last basket is filled with clothing in bigger sizes which I have picked up throughout my pregnancy, mainly in sizes 3-6 months & 6-9 months.

White Wicker Basket - The Basket Company
Kallax Unit - IKEA
Branas Baskets - IKEA

I hope you liked this post on how I've organised the nursery! What are your top tips for organising your baby's nursery?


  1. I wish I could be this organised. I love the little box compartments.

  2. I love how organised you are!!!
    Totally getting these bits for the boys room - There is clothes all over the place.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  3. I love the white wicker baskets! It took me ages to sort out all our storage but so happy with it now it's done xx

  4. The storage boxes inside the draws is a genius idea! I might have to copy you on that! I spend so long re organising all of Tyler’s stuff I swear haha!

  5. Wow, that is so tidy and organised! I wish we had a change table like this, as much as I keep it organised, we have shelves so everything is on display which never looks quite as tidy no matter how hard I try! :)xx

  6. How on earth is this so tidy?! I swear our nursery was tidy for about 2 days and that was pre-baby shower, following that it literally just descended into chaos!

  7. Oh man this is so tidy! When I go through Amelia's dresser and take out the small bits and add in bits from the next size up, it looks nice and tidy like this, 3 days in and it's carnage haha.

    You've got some gorgeous bit's! Love the next bunny set! We have those and it's so cute! x

  8. We clearly have great taste as I did the same thing, only with a white set of Malm drawers from IKEA. I love those inserts, we have them in all our drawers and even in some of our kitchen drawers for organising chargers, bits & bobs etc. I also have the Kallax unit & wicker baskets, although now Archie's almost five it's filled with toys rather than baby products :)

  9. I'm so jealous of your organisation - I need that in my life ha ha


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