Baby Style Tag

I have seen quite a few vloggers doing this tag and I thought it would be quite fun to do. I know Sophie is technically a toddler now but I wanted to join in anyway; so here it is!

1. Where are your favourite places to shop for baby?
My favourite shop has to be Next. There’s always something I like and I go to most of their sales too so I can stock up on basics for her; t-shirts, cardigans, leggings etc. I find the items wash really well too. George at Asda also has a nice range of clothes.
2. What is your favourite accessory for baby?
I've recently bought some hair bows as she won’t let me tie her hair up (well not for long anyway – she just pulls the bobble out!) but she just about keeps a bow or clip in which keeps the hair out of her face.

3. Do you ever shop second hand?
I did a bit when Sophie was younger but I tend to buy things new now, as she’s in clothes for a lot longer. I can also sell them on once she has outgrown them.

4. Do you ever splurge on baby items?
If there’s something I really like then yes; I will spend a bit more on something I like. I won’t spend ridiculous money though.

5. How would you describe your baby's style?
I would say Sophie’s style is more basic and casual, although I do like dressing her girly and in floral prints.

6. Do you ever match your outfits to your baby's outfits?
Not really, no.

7. Do you dress your baby every day, or do you have pyjama days?
If we don’t have anything planned and we’re at home all day then yes, we will stay in our pyjamas!

8. Does your baby have more clothes than you?
Yes! Way more clothes than me. In fact, she probably has more clothes than me and Toby put together. Oops!

9. What's your favourite item in your baby's closet right now?
I love the tunic/dress from Next (pictured above). I think the ditsy print really suits her and it's perfect for summer!

10. What colours look best on your baby?
In my opinion Sophie suits pastel colours as she has fair skin and blonde hair; pink and blue are my favourite colours on her.

I tag anyone who wants to join in!


  1. I adore Next for baby & toddler items, they wash so well and are always of good quality! I also love Joules for similar reasons - I always stock up in their sales as they often have amazing offers that I just can't refuse!

    Kay xxx

    1. Me too! I just love Next, whenever I'm in there I usually end up buying something (for Sophie) haha. Oh really, I haven't really looked at Joules much but I will keep my eye out! xx


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