Dealing With Colic + Tips

To be honest we didn't really know what colic was before Sophie was born, but that soon changed. The first 12 weeks of her life were especially difficult. We knew it was going to be hard with a newborn baby but nothing can prepare you for what’s to come. But not only were we getting to grips with parenthood and fulfilling the needs of our newborn; feeding, winding, changing nappies etc. around the clock we were also struggling with colic. So here's a bit more information about colic and some tips:

What is Colic?
According to the NHS website; “Colic is the medical term for excessive, frequent crying in a baby who appears to be otherwise healthy and well fed. It is a common yet poorly understood condition, affecting up to one in five babies.”

The exact cause is unknown but a few theories are; indigestion, trapped wind or a temporary sensitivity to certain proteins and sugars found in breast milk and formula milk.

Our Experience
It began when Sophie was around 2 weeks old and lasted until she was roughly 12 weeks old. Both Toby and I found this time incredibly draining. At the same time every evening, usually around 6.30pm, Sophie would become very unsettled and just cry – in fact scream for hours and hours on end, usually lasting until the early hours of the morning, around 12am. We would try everything to comfort her and calm her down but it seemed like nothing was really working.

  • Change bottles – we found Dr. Brown’s bottles really helped reduce wind. 
  • Colic drops – Infacol, Dentinox Colic Drops, Colief, Gripe Water etc. we tried most of them!
  • Bath and massage – A warm bath and a massage of their tummy may help if your baby is in pain or discomfort. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – if you have close family or friends nearby, I'm sure someone will be willing to help out if you’re struggling.
I know it will seem never ending – but I promise it won’t last forever and it will soon be a distant memory!


  1. I wish I had seen this post 3 years ago! My youngest (who is now 3 years old) suffered with Colic when she was newborn. 10pm until 1-2am every single night screaming. We never thought about changing bottles!
    And it's true it is now a distant memory! I sometimes even forget she had it!


    1. It really is awful isn't it? Sophie is nearly 2 now and I also wish there was more information about it as it's really hard work at the time. But exactly, like you say you sometimes forget all about it! x


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