Our 4D Scan Experience

At our standard 20 week scan (January 2013) the sonographer managed to get the measurements she needed to ensure baby was growing correctly and everything was fine, which obviously we were so pleased and relieved about. But, as baby was lying in an awkward position we couldn't find out the sex on the day. She did try but baby was having none of it!

I was pretty disappointed as I was so excited to finally find out.. I'm so impatient and I was counting down the days haha. So as an early birthday present, my mum and sister very kindly booked a 4D scan for the following week. Finally, that day arrived but once we got there, baby was lying awkwardly once again and had both legs crossed. We kept having to take breaks while I wandered round the waiting room with a cup of water to try and get baby to change position. After about an hour, baby moved around slightly which was just enough for the sonographer to get a glimpse. I remember her saying "I think I know what it is"..."yeah, I think it's a girl!".

They rebooked us (for free) for three weeks time, as we didn't get any pictures which was part of the package. Although at least we eventually found out the sex! I was rather pleased anyway as it meant we got to see our baby girl again which we didn't expect to until the birth. The next scan (at 24 weeks) went a lot better actually and Sophie co-operated haha. We saw her yawning and drinking the amniotic fluid which was amazing to see! It was such an incredible experience and I would definitely do it again if we were to have more children. I have the disc of pictures in her keepsake box which we will keep forever and I can't wait to show her them when she's older.

If you're undecided whether to book a 4D scan, in my opinion I would 100% recommend it and it is worth the money. Although our experience was a gift I would definitely pay for it myself.. It was an amazing experience watching our baby on the screen and being able to see her features and everything.

Have you been for a 4D scan or do you plan on going for one? Let me know in the comments!

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