Sophie Update - 22 Months

Sophie turns 22 months old today, which means it's just two months until her birthday. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it! Her birthday plans are well under way which I will share with you nearer the time. But for now, here's Sophie's progress;

She can put 2-3 words together on her own; I said to her yesterday "where's Sophie?" and she replied "here I am". She picks words up really quickly too.

She is such a fussy eater, especially recently. She is very picky about what she will/won't eat. She won't try new food at the moment; so I'm just sticking to simple food and things I know she likes. I'm sure it's just a phase, it's hard work though. 

Some of the things she does just melts my heart. We were walking to my Mums and on the way Sophie picked a daisy and just wouldn't let go of it. When we got there Sophie just handed it to my mum and said "daisy". It was so cute! 

She will give you a kiss and cuddle when it's time to say goodbye too. 

I forgot to mention in her previous updates that she's in size 2-3 year clothes. She's quite tall for her age but she's always been long - even when she was a baby.

They have recently got quite bad. She hates being told 'no' and if she doesn't get her own way she will be just throw herself on the floor. She purposely bangs her head too; usually on the floor. She pushes boundaries too; she's constantly messing with the oven and washing machine even though she knows not to touch them. (We've taken to switching them off at the switch to stop her turning things on/off etc.)

That's pretty much it for this month!


  1. Gorgeous girl! Her walking with the daisy is so sweet. Osian's turning into a bit of a fussy eater recently too, but he'll eat everything at nursery, just fussy at home! xx

    1. Thankyou! She's so sweet most of the time haha but she can be a right little madam when she wants to be! Aaw I'm sure it's just a phase (I hope anyway!) xx

  2. Oh she sounds like my youngest with the tantrums. They've only got worse for me and she is 3 now! Acts so spoilt sometimes when she doesn't get what she wants.
    My eldest has the same shoes as her :)
    Lovely photo x


    1. Oh really?! Sophie isn't even 2 yet so I'm kind of dreading what her tantrums will be like over the next year or so if they're going to get worse! They're gorgeous shoes aren't they?! Thankyou lovely x


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