Toddler Tantrums

Recently Sophie's tantrums have gone to a whole new level. I may as well begin with today; we were walking around Ikea and Sophie was a bit grumpy at first but she got progressively worse. I tried different methods which usually distract her; toys, food, carrying her and also letting her walk around too but she was just in one of those moods - which have become more frequent recently.

We can always tell when Sophie is about to have a tantrum, as she moans and walks backwards. She nearly fell into something as she obviously can't see where she's going when doing this. I quickly grabbed hold of her but she threw herself quite hard on the floor, banged her head and then screamed at the top of her lungs.

Some people kindly smiled at me, as if to reassure me it was okay. Others would just stare.. like they had never seen a child having a tantrum before. I remember thinking to myself, I wish the ground would just swallow me up. I just wanted to go home to be honest, but we hadn't even picked up what we went there for so we carried on.

I do try and understand the reason for the tantrum; usually it is because she is either tired or there is a communication barrier. I remember reading a post a while ago which goes on about how to see things from a toddler's point of view, for example when you leave the park, they will see it as the end of the world because they are enjoying themselves and they don't really know any different. Sophie is at that age where she has a good understanding but she can't talk properly yet so she can't just tell me what's wrong.

I just wish that people wouldn't be so quick to judge - I'm trying my best.


  1. Sounds just like my daughter! Anybody who judges you is a hypocrite because all children do it, every parent finds it hard at times!! You're doing great xx

    1. True! Thankyou. It's good to know we're not alone - I know every child has a tantrum but some people act as if they've never seen one! X

  2. My girls' tantrums are awful. My eldest has a bad attitude on her at the moment and jus seems to get worse. My youngest daughter is the one who gets tantrums and throws herself on the floor and the reasons are usually communication barrier or if she doesn't get something she wants.

    Beth |

    1. Oh right, your youngest sounds exactly like Sophie! It must just be a communication barrier then as she isn't talking properly yet x


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