50 Things That Make Me Happy..

I've been tagged by the lovely Abigail from Lily Mae Adventures to take part in the '50 Things That Make Me Happy' tag. So here they are in no particular order..

  1. Sophie
  2. Toby
  3. When Sophie says Mummy
  4. Family
  5. Chocolate (preferably Galaxy, but any will do!)
  6. Shopping
  7. Next
  8. Mr Whippy ice cream
  9. A tidy house
  10. Taking photos
  11. Blogging
  12. Sleep
  13. Doing my make-up
  14. Painting my nails
  15. Bubble baths


Character.com Review

This week we were very kindly sent a couple of items from Character.com. If you didn't already know, Character offers children’s clothing featuring your favourite characters from film and TV, at affordable prices. They stock everything from Peppa Pig, Disney, Marvel, Thomas the Tank, Fireman Sam and many more!

We were firstly sent this Minnie Mouse backpack which is ideal for toddlers and young children. Wherever we go we always take a backpack with us containing Sophie's essentials; nappies, wipes, snacks and a drink and this bag is the perfect size and it seems really good quality.

We were also sent this lovely Sofia the First onesie. It's made from 100% cotton so it's really soft material. I can't comment on how well it washes as it hasn't been washed yet, but I imagine it will wash well. It is really good quality and is true to size. We received size 2-3 years and it's just the right size (with plenty of growing room), as Sophie is quite tall for her age.

I would certainly recommend Character.com and will definitely be purchasing items from them myself in the future.

Please don't forget to like Character on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

* We were sent the items above for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own and 100% honest.


Sophie's 2nd Birthday Party + Decorations Haul

Following on from my previous post - Sophie's 2nd Birthday Gift Haul, I thought I would show you the items we've bought for her party.

Birthday Card & Wrapping Paper
I know these aren't exactly party related but I thought I would include them in this haul anyway. I ordered this lovely personalised card from Etsy and the wrapping paper was from Argos. I had looked for pink polka dot wrapping paper literally everywhere (it's the little details, right?!) and then I happened to see this for just 99p per roll.


Sophie's 2nd Birthday Gift Haul

With Sophie's 2nd Birthday fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to show you what gifts we've bought her. If you're struggling for gift ideas this may help!


What We Did Today: Sea Life Centre

We had a lovely family day out today, just the three of us which was really nice. Toby had booked the day off work and I'd been looking forward to our day out all week.

We visited the Sea Life Centre at The Trafford Centre in Manchester. We've been before but it was a while ago now. Sophie was only around a year old at the time and she wasn't properly walking yet so it was nice for her to be able to walk around on her own and look at all the fish, turtles, crabs, stingrays and sharks etc. this time round.

She wouldn't sit in her pram or wear her reins though so she kept running off (I think she was just a bit too excited haha) but it was great fun all the same. I managed to get a few pictures of her but she's a very active almost 2 year old so she doesn't stay still long enough haha!

I definitely recommend taking a trip to your local Sea Life Centre soon if you haven't already. It's a fun day out for the family and Sophie really enjoyed herself, as did Toby and I. There are also quite a few interactive things for children to do which is good for children of all ages.



Sophie Update: 23 Months

I can’t quite believe that I’m writing Sophie’s 23 month update already and in exactly one month from today we will be celebrating her second birthday. She has been a real Mummy’s Girl recently; she only wants me which is nice as it's quite rare.. She's usually a Daddy's Girl!

This month she has picked up so many words and repeats most things when you ask her to. Some words she has said for a while actually but I forgot to mention them in her previous updates. These are; night night, here you are, going down now, sit down, alright then, go away, eat, mess and ready steady go! She also picks up her Baby Annabell doll, says baby, cuddles her and pats her back. She even said “shh night night baby” a few weeks ago which was sweet.

Development & Understanding
She has a really good level of understanding and the majority of the time she knows exactly what you’re saying to her. If you say we’re going outside in the garden or for a walk, she will go and get her shoes and sit down for you to put them on for her. She can jump (and actually moves off the floor now haha), dances and has started to sing along a bit too.

This month she has been so fussy and she is hardly eating anything. Although she has a good appetite when it comes to breakfast and usually says ‘more!”. I’m hoping it’s just a phase though and she will start eating properly soon.

I guess the tantrums are all part of having a toddler. Although this month her tantrums are the worst they have ever been and I find them really hard work. It doesn’t help when she throws herself on the floor and purposely bangs her head on the floor or a wall – as it only makes her cry more! Hopefully once she starts talking more, she can tell us what’s wrong instead of doing this out of frustration.

Keep an eye out for a haul post of Sophie's birthday gifts coming in the next week or two which may give you some ideas. If you also want to see the decorations which we've bought for her party, I might do a separate post on those so please let me know if you want to see them!



Mental Health Awareness Week

If you didn't know, this week (11th - 17th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week. For one week each May, The Mental Health Foundation helps to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues.

I think this is so important, as unless someone close to you is suffering from a mental illness - or if you are suffering from one yourself then people don't really understand what they are and how they affect you. I have been quite open about suffering from Post Natal Depression myself and there is such a stigma around mental health and it's about time this changed.

If you want to find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week you can do so here. There are also Mental Health charities such as Mind if you want any more information on mental health issues.



New Home Inspiration: Part 2 || Main Bedroom, Sophie's Bedroom & Bathroom

Here is Part 2 of my New Home Inspiration. If you haven't read Part 1, which features the kitchen/diner and living room - you can do so here.
Jewellery Box, Bedding, Curtains, Flowers - Next, Bedside Lamp - Asda, Candle - The White Company


New Home Inspiration: Part 1 || Kitchen/Diner & Living Room

We're hoping to move house in the next few months, hopefully to somewhere a bit bigger (3 bedrooms) with a kitchen/diner or separate dining room and also a slightly larger garden for Sophie to play in. I've put together a list of items; some of which are on my wishlist and some we have already bought in preparation for moving house.

Table | Chairs | Cutlery Set | Dinner Set | Storage Tins | Placemats | Tea Towels


Next Baby Girls + Boys Wishlist

Is it just me.. but whenever I am browsing online, I always seem to find myself looking at baby things. I've seen some lovely clothes online at Next so thought I would put together a wishlist for both baby girls and boys;

Dress + Leggings Set | Bunny Sleepsuits | Bunny Dress | Pink Slogan Sleepsuits | Pink Stripe Dress | Rompers | Floral Dress


What's In Sophie's Bag

We haven't needed to carry a changing bag around with us for a while now as Sophie is nearly 2 so obviously doesn't need as much. I thought I would share our essentials for going out on local trips;

At the moment we're using this one by Pink Lining. It’s the perfect pattern for Spring/Summer and is just the right size for a toddler too.

I pack a handful of nappies just in case she needs changing as she isn't potty trained yet

Essential for nappy changes and cleaning little hands!

For when Sophie is tired, it provides a comfort for her

Anbesol Liquid
I always have a bottle of this in my bag as it's the only product which helps Sophie when she is teething

I recently picked up a new cup for her which was £3 at Asda. She loves drinking through a straw so I knew she would like it. It's supposedly non spill too.. which is a must when your child insists on tipping their drink everywhere!

Other items which aren't pictured:
Something to distract and keep a toddler occupied is pretty essential to prevent them from getting bored. I usually pack a small colouring book and crayons and her Peppa Pig phone.

Depending on how long we're planning on being out for; I will pack handy snacks such as grapes; mini cheddars, breadsticks etc.

If we're out all day, it's a good idea to pack a change of clothes too just incase of any accidents.

This post was originally posted on 02/05/15 and is my entry to be a Pink Lining brand ambassador.


The Liebster Award

I was tagged by the lovely Isabella from Fairies and Pirates for the Liebster Award. I think this is a great way of getting to know blogs and bloggers. So here are my answers to her questions;

1. Which three female dinner guests would you invite and why?
I've thought about this for ages and I genuinely have no idea. How boring am I? haha

2.  What’s the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
Just do what makes you happy

3. What prompted you to launch a blog?

I didn’t have any other hobbies and after I discovered a couple of my favourite blogs last year I was undecided whether to start my own. I eventually decided to go for it anyway, I didn’t exactly have anything to lose and it gives me something to concentrate on in my spare time, I really enjoy it.

4. What’s your favourite tipple?
I don’t really drink much but when I do it’s usually Smirnoff Ice (it tastes just like lemonade but better!) or fruity ciders like Kopparberg or Bulmers.

5. Apart from your kids and family, what is the one thing you can’t live without?
It would probably be my iPhone

6. What are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of Sophie and how much she has changed and learnt in just 2 years

7. What’s the best and worst thing about motherhood?
The best thing has got to be watching Sophie grow and learn new things. She makes me smile and laugh so much, she’s got a lovely personality and she’s so funny!
The worst has to be the tantrums and cleaning up sick

8. What are the top three things on your bucket list?
  • Buy a house
  • Get married
  • Have more children
9. What’s the naughtiest thing you've ever done?
I’d rather not say, sorry!

10. What is your earliest / happiest childhood memory?
My happiest childhood memory would probably be when we my parents, my sister and I went on a little holiday to Devon. It mainly consisted of water fights and there was a water slide with a traffic light system which was pretty cool. We stayed in a caravan and it rained quite a bit while we were there too, but it was still nice

11. What quote sums up you / your life philosophy?
Everything happens for a reason

I nominate the following bloggers if you would like to join in. I was supposed to tag 11 but I got stuck at 4 haha;

Here’s my questions for you;

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
2. How did you choose your blog name?
3. How do you decide what to blog about?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. What’s your favourite drink?
6. What is your biggest regret?
7. Do you plan on having more children?
8. What would be your dream job?
9. What is the best and worst thing about motherhood?
10. Would you rather watch TV or read a book?
11. Describe your perfect Friday night

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