Sophie Update: 23 Months

I can’t quite believe that I’m writing Sophie’s 23 month update already and in exactly one month from today we will be celebrating her second birthday. She has been a real Mummy’s Girl recently; she only wants me which is nice as it's quite rare.. She's usually a Daddy's Girl!

This month she has picked up so many words and repeats most things when you ask her to. Some words she has said for a while actually but I forgot to mention them in her previous updates. These are; night night, here you are, going down now, sit down, alright then, go away, eat, mess and ready steady go! She also picks up her Baby Annabell doll, says baby, cuddles her and pats her back. She even said “shh night night baby” a few weeks ago which was sweet.

Development & Understanding
She has a really good level of understanding and the majority of the time she knows exactly what you’re saying to her. If you say we’re going outside in the garden or for a walk, she will go and get her shoes and sit down for you to put them on for her. She can jump (and actually moves off the floor now haha), dances and has started to sing along a bit too.

This month she has been so fussy and she is hardly eating anything. Although she has a good appetite when it comes to breakfast and usually says ‘more!”. I’m hoping it’s just a phase though and she will start eating properly soon.

I guess the tantrums are all part of having a toddler. Although this month her tantrums are the worst they have ever been and I find them really hard work. It doesn’t help when she throws herself on the floor and purposely bangs her head on the floor or a wall – as it only makes her cry more! Hopefully once she starts talking more, she can tell us what’s wrong instead of doing this out of frustration.

Keep an eye out for a haul post of Sophie's birthday gifts coming in the next week or two which may give you some ideas. If you also want to see the decorations which we've bought for her party, I might do a separate post on those so please let me know if you want to see them!


  1. She is so beautiful! Her hair is gorgeous.
    Unfortunately, even when they do start talking they will still throw a tantrum and not tell you what's wrong ha ha ! Oh the joys! lol xx

    1. Thankyou so much! Oh really?! Aah I was hoping that being able to talk properly would help.. maybe not then haha! xx


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