Sophie's 2nd Birthday: Part 1

Today we celebrated Sophie's second birthday! We've all had such a wonderful day so I thought I would share how we spent it. We're having a little party for her tomorrow with friends and family which I will write a separate post on.

I took the photo above once Sophie had gone to bed so I had chance to set everything up. She was so tired, she went to bed at 7pm and slept right through until 10am! (she's been waking in the night recently for some reason) so we chilled in bed for a while and Sophie had her morning bottle of milk.

She was so excited, bless her! She definitely knew something was going on. She had a big grin on her face when she saw everything as she came down the stairs and ran straight for a balloon haha! We then opened her presents and played with them for a while. Around 11.30am we went to my parents house, which is around the corner from us and she opened her presents there.. She got a little quad bike which she absolutely loves, a colouring book with stickers etc. In the afternoon we went to Toby's parents as they also wanted to see her. Toby's Dad took her for a walk for an hour or so, we stayed there and chilled for the afternoon and then we took her home. She fell asleep in the car on the way back so she was full of energy so she had her dinner and played with her new toys and then went to bed around 8pm; ready for her birthday party tomorrow!

I've attached some photos below to show you. She absolutely adores her Baby Annabell doll! She won't leave her alone and puts her dummy in or feeds her the bottle. It's so sweet to watch and I just know that one day she will make a great big sister!


  1. She looks so happy! Hope she had a wonderful 2nd birthday. xxx

    1. Thank you, she had a great day and loved opening her presents haha xxx


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