What Is Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)?

Sickness in pregnancy is very common, infact 7 out of every 10 women experience nausea and/or vomiting in pregnancy. It's often called morning sickness - but unfortunately, it can happen anytime, day or night.

"Some pregnant women experience excessive nausea and vomiting. They might be sick many times a day and be unable to keep food or drink down, which can have a negative effect on their daily life." - NHS

So what is it?
Hyperemesis Gravidarum in short, is 'excessive nausea and vomiting'. It often needs hospital treatment as if you're unable to keep food or water down there is a risk you can become dehydrated.

My experience
When I found out I was pregnant, I downloaded a number of pregnancy apps, most of which said that morning sickness usually subsides at around 12-14 weeks but unfortunately that didn't happen for me.. Infact it got worse! My pregnancy with Sophie was pretty straight forward and luckily their were no complications, I just struggled terribly with sickness! 

I remember feeling very nauseous from around 6/7 weeks but I wasn't sick very often until I was 20 weeks+ (which I believe is actually quite late) where I was throwing up on a daily basis. I'd visited the doctors previously but the anti-sickness tablets didn't help so there wasn't much point in taking them. Luckily on the most part, I managed to keep water down so I didn't get dehydrated which is why I didn't need to be admitted to hospital. I was working in retail at the time and it got so bad that I was signed off work up until my Maternity Leave date. I was throwing up around 2/3 times a day and I couldn't return when I was always feeling like I'm going to be sick but not knowing if/when it would happen.

I also hated not being able to eat properly as it would just come back up but I felt even worse if I didn't eat anything at all. I found eating bland foods helped, as well as eating little and often. If I remember rightly, it was worse in the mornings especially as I used to have to get up quite early for work; I was sick in the kitchen sink once.. and outside the front door (disgusting I know!) but it really is a horrible illness and is so draining! In my case, I had it quite mild as some women can be sick up to 50 times a day.

I hope next time around I don't suffer with it again as I think it will be even harder having a toddler to look after too. If you want to read more about Hyperemesis Gravidarum then you can do so on the NHS website


  1. Having suffered with HG through my last pregnancy I am terrified of it happening again. We are planning for baby number 2 but I feel so scared that I will get the lack of support I had last time round. I think I need to do some research in to help groups for this illness as that is what it is! Sorry you suffered too and this is a fab post to raise awareness! Jade x

    1. Aaw, I know what you mean! It's scary knowing it could happen again as it's such a horrible illness. I've got my fingers crossed for you! Thank you x

  2. I had this twice with my first pregnancy unfortunately I lost te baby and recently with my second which I had to terminate due to how badly HG was effecting me, it was making my heart issues worse. I've been told that I will more then likely keep having HG in pregnancies, it's the most exhausting depressing kind of sickness to have in prenancy. I felt alone and scared and like it was never going to end and people who told me to eat ginger biscuits to help the sickness made me want to punch them lol. I hope you don't get it again, I have my fingers crossed for you x

    1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. It's heartbreaking and it must have been awful for you. It's so exhausting and it really does seem never ending. Thank you x


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