My Sunday Photo #1 - All Grown Up

Sophie and I were taking photos in the garden a couple of days ago and I managed to capture this one. She looks so grown up!


Coronation Street Tour - August 2015

Earlier this week, me, my Mum and Sophie went to the Coronation Street Tour in Manchester, which was the original set where they filmed for over fifty years before they moved in 2013.

We first had a guided tour of the studios, where we saw the wardrobe and some of the character's outfits, dressing rooms and make up stations. There were also the interior sets of The Rovers Return, The Kabin and the houses (such as The Platt's and The Dobb's as well as Carla's flat). Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed in the studios but there are pictures on their website if you want to take a look.


Mamas & Papas Baby Bud | Review

As you probably know, we moved house last month, which meant we finally had enough room for a dining table and I was so excited about being able to sit at the table as a family for meal times. When Sophie was younger, it wasn't really an issue but now she's two, we would like to encourage eating together and good table manners.


Future Baby Wishlist

I always find myself browsing baby related items, I just can't help it! I thought I would put together a list of products I would like to buy when we decide to have another baby.
I'm in love with this classic cot bed from The White Company. I love the idea of cot beds, as you can easily convert them to a bed once the cot has been outgrown.

I'm slightly addicted to buying Jellycat soft toys - they're just so soft! I definitely want to build up a little collection for baby #2.

I wish I had known about these swaddle blankets when Sophie was a baby as I probably would have invested in some. They're a perfect size for swaddling, the material is thin so baby doesn't overheat and they also get softer with every wash! You can also buy them in a variety of different patterns. 

I've heard really good things about this cosmetic range and would love to try it out. It will be perfect for a newborn's sensitive skin.

5. Pink Lining Navy Bows Changing Bag
These changing bags are really popular as they're a great size to hold all of your baby essentials in when you're out and about. I love the bow print on this bag too.

6. SnuzPod
I love how this attaches to the side of your bed so your baby can be a lot closer to you. It can also be used as a standalone crib too which is really useful.

When Sophie was younger, she had her own Sophie the Giraffe and she loved it. It went everywhere with us so I would like to buy another one next time around.

I really like the look of the Maxi Cosi car seats. It will also fit on our Mamas & Papas Sola pram once we buy the adapters for it.

Sophie loved her bouncer when she was a baby so I definitely want to buy one for our next baby. I love this as it softly rocks as well as playing lullabies. I love the star pattern on it too.

This has got to be one of the best inventions ever and I've heard so many good things about it! It makes a bottle perfect temperature in 2 minutes to feed to your baby. This would be a lifesaver - especially during night feeds!

For peace of mind, I would like to buy a video monitor so I can see exactly what baby is up to once he/she is in their own room.

Are there any products in particular you would recommend?

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Sophie's 2 Year Update

It's been a while since I last wrote an update on Sophie. Infact, it was before she turned two in June and since then she has changed quite a lot... She's a proper little girl now!

Earlier this week, we went along to Sophie's 2 year assessment. Beforehand, I had filled in a questionnaire which asks what Sophie is able to do or not. For example, jumping with both feet off the ground or you drawing a straight line to see if they copy. All of those answers are then scored to make sure they are learning and developing as they should and to ensure there are no concerns. Thankfully Sophie is absolutely fine!

Her speech is really coming on and over the last month especially I have noticed a big change. She can say so many words now but she also puts them in sentences now too. She repeats pretty much everything you say - much to Toby's annoyance as she's started calling him Toby instead of Daddy haha! 

She knows exactly what you're saying to her. If you ask her to do simple instructions, she will (I'm not sure how long that will last though!) for example "please will you close the door?" or "where are your shoes?" and she will go and find them and sit down for you to put them on.

She has her own little way of doing things. For example, if she's hungry she will say "eat, eat!" and if she wants to play in the garden she will go and get her shoes and stand by the door saying "outside!".

Her height is approx. 93cm (it was rather difficult to get an accurate reading from a wriggling 2 year old haha) and her weight is 14.5kg which are both above average for her age. She is on the 91st centile, which she's pretty much always been as she's quite tall. She's also followed the same line on the graph in her red baby book so I'm not concerned.

Potty Training
In my opinion, Sophie is nowhere near ready to start potty training just yet. She just isn't showing any signs of being 'ready' - she doesn't tell me when she needs to go etc. We have a couple of books to read with her but I'm not going to rush her if she's not ready. I do leave a potty around the house for her to get used to though. She knows to sit on it, but as of yet she hasn't been to the toilet on it and to be honest, she usually stands in it or puts toys in it. She will get there eventually - she's only just turned two so there's plenty of time!

Sophie is very independent and quite a few people have commented on it. She certainly knows what she wants and she still has her fair share of tantrums but I guess that's two year old's for you haha. I think that's it for this update so thank you for reading!

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Scotland: 7th - 12th August 2015

We've just got back from our stay in Dumfries in Scotland where we stayed at Auchenlarie holiday park. I'd never been to Scotland before so I was really looking forward to visiting somewhere new for a little break and it was lovely to spend time with family and just relax! I've written about what we got up to and I took a few photos too.

We set off on Friday afternoon, around 4pm. The journey was going well, Sophie was happy enough sat in the back of the car watching DVD's and she also had a long nap too.

We decided to stop off at the service station near Carlisle and after a quick trip into Costa for hot chocolate and coffee, we returned to the car to which decided it wouldn’t start. To cut a long story short, something had broken which was unfixable. We spent 3 hours waiting for the AA, whilst trying to entertain a very active 2 year old (what a nightmare haha). The car was put on the back of the recovery truck at 9pm and we went back on our way to the holiday park where we arrived 2 hours later. We were determined not to let it ruin the holiday! 

We were pretty tired so we didn't really do much to be honest. We already took plenty of food and drink with us so we stayed inside and waited for Toby’s parents to arrive. We just relaxed and then had an early night (how exciting!)


My Dream Bedroom

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know how much I love home d├ęcor.  As you may know, we have recently moved house and I have loved planning what I want to do with each room and watching everything come together. I thought I would share ‘My Dream Bedroom’ with you, which is a list of products I would love to buy to create the perfect space (obviously if money wasn’t an issue haha).


When Is The Right Time For Baby #2?

I've lost count how many times I've been asked recently "so, when's baby number 2?!" but the truth is.. I don't actually know the answer. Toby and I have discussed it and we both definitely want more children in the future. It's just a matter of when is the 'right time' for us and our family.

I find myself getting impatient as I can't wait to experience pregnancy and having a newborn again and to give Sophie a little brother or sister. I can't help looking through photos of Sophie as a baby, looking at how tiny she was and how much she has changed (although that doesn't help with the broodiness haha!)

I personally think when the time comes, Sophie will love having a little brother or sister. She may find it a bit difficult at first to adjust and having to 'share' time with her Mummy and Daddy but on the most part I think she will love helping as she's so good when she plays with her baby doll and she loves playing with other children. I just think it will be lovely to watch her grow up with a little brother/sister and watching their bond grow over the years.

After talking to other Mums and looking online etc., I've found there isn't really a 'perfect' time and there are pros and cons for all age gaps. Anyway, fingers crossed in the next year or two we will become a family of four!

What is the age gap between your children?

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