Sophie's 2 Year Update

It's been a while since I last wrote an update on Sophie. Infact, it was before she turned two in June and since then she has changed quite a lot... She's a proper little girl now!

Earlier this week, we went along to Sophie's 2 year assessment. Beforehand, I had filled in a questionnaire which asks what Sophie is able to do or not. For example, jumping with both feet off the ground or you drawing a straight line to see if they copy. All of those answers are then scored to make sure they are learning and developing as they should and to ensure there are no concerns. Thankfully Sophie is absolutely fine!

Her speech is really coming on and over the last month especially I have noticed a big change. She can say so many words now but she also puts them in sentences now too. She repeats pretty much everything you say - much to Toby's annoyance as she's started calling him Toby instead of Daddy haha! 

She knows exactly what you're saying to her. If you ask her to do simple instructions, she will (I'm not sure how long that will last though!) for example "please will you close the door?" or "where are your shoes?" and she will go and find them and sit down for you to put them on.

She has her own little way of doing things. For example, if she's hungry she will say "eat, eat!" and if she wants to play in the garden she will go and get her shoes and stand by the door saying "outside!".

Her height is approx. 93cm (it was rather difficult to get an accurate reading from a wriggling 2 year old haha) and her weight is 14.5kg which are both above average for her age. She is on the 91st centile, which she's pretty much always been as she's quite tall. She's also followed the same line on the graph in her red baby book so I'm not concerned.

Potty Training
In my opinion, Sophie is nowhere near ready to start potty training just yet. She just isn't showing any signs of being 'ready' - she doesn't tell me when she needs to go etc. We have a couple of books to read with her but I'm not going to rush her if she's not ready. I do leave a potty around the house for her to get used to though. She knows to sit on it, but as of yet she hasn't been to the toilet on it and to be honest, she usually stands in it or puts toys in it. She will get there eventually - she's only just turned two so there's plenty of time!

Sophie is very independent and quite a few people have commented on it. She certainly knows what she wants and she still has her fair share of tantrums but I guess that's two year old's for you haha. I think that's it for this update so thank you for reading!

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