When Is The Right Time For Baby #2?

I've lost count how many times I've been asked recently "so, when's baby number 2?!" but the truth is.. I don't actually know the answer. Toby and I have discussed it and we both definitely want more children in the future. It's just a matter of when is the 'right time' for us and our family.

I find myself getting impatient as I can't wait to experience pregnancy and having a newborn again and to give Sophie a little brother or sister. I can't help looking through photos of Sophie as a baby, looking at how tiny she was and how much she has changed (although that doesn't help with the broodiness haha!)

I personally think when the time comes, Sophie will love having a little brother or sister. She may find it a bit difficult at first to adjust and having to 'share' time with her Mummy and Daddy but on the most part I think she will love helping as she's so good when she plays with her baby doll and she loves playing with other children. I just think it will be lovely to watch her grow up with a little brother/sister and watching their bond grow over the years.

After talking to other Mums and looking online etc., I've found there isn't really a 'perfect' time and there are pros and cons for all age gaps. Anyway, fingers crossed in the next year or two we will become a family of four!

What is the age gap between your children?


  1. My eldest is 5 and will be 6 in December and my youngest is 3.. who will be 4 in March. It's hard but I am glad they are close at age x

    1. That's a nice age gap. I would've liked between 2-3 years between Sophie and any future child :) xx

  2. I've just had baby no 2 and my eldest is 3. It's such a personal decision, I think the right age is whatever works for your family, finances, relationship etc, because the second child completely changes everything.


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