What I Love About Autumn/Winter

This year has flown by and I still can't believe we're nearly in October already! I thought I would share everything that I love about Autumn/Winter.

Hot chocolate
I'm probably the only person who doesn't drink tea or coffee, but I absolutely love hot chocolate! Especially with plenty of marshmallows!

Snuggling up
Whether it be snuggling up on the sofa watching a movie or getting into bed, I love being able to snuggle up together on a cold night.

Me and my inner child just love onesies! I love this photo of Sophie and I in our onesies last year.

I absolutely love buying new candles, especially in Autumn/Winter when it's dark and cold! Lighting candles just makes the room seem so cosy.

Wrapping up warm
I love having to wear plenty of layers; big thick jumpers, winter coats and hats and gloves to keep warm!

And my favourite..

I LOVE Christmas. From putting the decorations up, to buying wrapping paper and presents, to eating Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (pigs in blankets, mm!) and spending the day with family. I just love everything about it! I'm so excited!

What do you like the most about Autumn/Winter?

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  1. Your list is exactly what I love except I would swop the hot chocolate for a milky coffee x

  2. Don't worry I don't drink tea or coffee. I'd love to but I'm not allowed for health reasons, a funny working heart and caffeine don't work very well together. I am allowed hot chocolate though.

    I love this list and I love this time of the year 😊

    Thanks for sharing.

    Laura x

  3. I hate Autumn. But these things have brightened my opinion a little!

  4. Gotta love a good fleecy dressing gown !!

  5. I love the autumnal colours, fashion, pumpkin spice lattes, conked picking with my girl, snuggling up and all the festivities that come with this time of year! Xxx

  6. This is the same as mine' October is my fav month, we chose it as our wedding month for next year :) x

  7. Great post! And everything i love anout autumn/winter too! �� xxx


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