Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Toddlers

If you're shopping for a little girl or boy this year but you're a little stuck for ideas, then don't panic, as I've put together a few of my favourite items which you might like. Some of the items we have bought ourselves and others I have found while searching online.

So to start, here are some gift ideas for the girls..

Baby Annabell Doll, £39.99
Baby Annabell is a life-like doll which has realistic sounds and movements. She cries real tears, sucks on her dummy and also has a 'rocking to sleep' function. Suitable for ages 2+ this is the perfect doll for any little girl.

I'm a huge fan of Jellycat items and Sophie has an ever-growing collection of them. Who doesn't love soft toys?! Their classic bashful bunny is adorable and so soft.

We have of these food trays for my two year old and they're great for separating snacks and it's a great price too.

Frozen Scooter, £14.99
This would make a great gift for any Frozen fan and it's quite an inexpensive gift which I'm sure she will love. 

Wooden Kitchen, £126.47
This play kitchen is beautiful and would be perfect for role play.

After looking around for a wooden dolls house, I came across this one from The Great Little Trading Company. It's absolutely beautiful and would last for years.

A small bag is ideal for short trips out with a toddler to include snacks and a drink. I love the floral pattern on this one.

Three Pack Pyjamas, £22-£28
I love the designs on these pyjamas and they would make a perfect gift for a little girl. From experience, I know that Next pyjamas wash really well and are really good quality too.

And moving on to the boys..

Happyland Train Set, £20
This is a lovely train set which is obviously not just for boys and is a unisex item. The Happyland range from the Early Learning Centre is hugely popular and we own quite a lot of it ourselves - including this train set and I would definitely recommend it.

Cath Kidston Food Tray, £6
As I mentioned above, we have one of these trays and it's perfect for snack time. I love the robot pattern on this one!

Work Bench, £58
This is a lovely wooden workbench which I'm sure would be loved by any little boy!

Three Pack Pyjamas, £22-£28
I love the bear pattern on these pyjamas and they would make a great stocking filler.

Jellycat Bashful Monkey, £24
Everyone loves soft toys and I love this cute Jellycat monkey!

Balance Bike, £44
I've heard a lot of good things about balance bikes. The age range for this one is 2-6 years so it should last quite a while too.

I hope you found this gift guide helpful. What are you planning on getting your toddler for Christmas this year?

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  1. I love the divider tray and backpack - indie got these for her first birthday last year :). She's getting a baby annabel and kitchen for Christmas though - that one is soo cute! Xx

  2. Love them! My little girl is getting a box full of Happyland I bought off ebay (including the train set, it looks brill!) and a hoover for Christmas!

  3. I definitely want to get that try it's so pretty isn't it x

  4. We have the tray, it's so great. But I love the rest of the lists too. We definitely want a play kitchen. This one is so pretty. What beautiful lists. x

  5. Great list - Pickle would love a dolls house, but I don't particularly want a pinky one. I am not sure why actually, he would love it whatever the colour! Kaz x

  6. I've already asked 'Santa' AKA Aunty and Uncle to get my 3yo the Frozen Tri-Scooter - I think that's a great bargain. Such a lovely choice of gifts - making me excited about Christmas! x

  7. Lovely collection. The balance bike looks fab and something I might consider for my little one x

  8. Oh I love these, I think Boo would love everything! I really love the look of the dolls house, I do love wooden toys

  9. I think these are cute- I especially like the soft toys. Angela x

  10. Emma is getting only a couple of presents this year as she has been told that the Syrian children need Santa's presents more this year than her. We will visit Santa soon to gauge on what she would like to get.xx

  11. Those Cath Kidston trays are adorable #want

  12. These are lovely lists, we love our Cath Kidston trays xx


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