Sophie's 2.5 Year Update

I can hardly believe it's been exactly six months since Sophie turned two! This year seems to have flown by and the time has come to write her 2 and a half year update already! I think she's doing really well and I can't believe how much she has changed and grown up since her second birthday. 

Over the past 2-3 months, we have noticed Sophie's speech improve dramatically! She was saying a lot of words before, but now she's putting sentences together and genuinely doesn't stop talking! She will say things like "Mummy, where's Daddy gone?", "Is Daddy at work?" Or "Mummy, I want to watch Elsa" (that's her way of asking for Frozen in case you hadn't guessed. She is obsessed!). I've been trying to encourage her to say please and thank you recently too, as she seems to forget to say it. Although a few days ago, I said to her "Sophie, can I have a hug?" and she replied "say please!". She's so cheeky!

She's very good at
  • Naming animals - she can name cats, dogs, bunnies/rabbits, cows, pigs, frogs, elephants, giraffes, horses, spiders and a few more! She finds it funny to randomly shout "aah spider!" as she knows I'm scared of them haha! 
  • Climbing the stairs - she's very confident climbing the stairs without holding on to anything.
  • Counting to 10 - she's been able to do it for a while but she's quite confident now and sometimes says 11 and 12 too. 
  • Naming body parts - she knows where her nose, eyes, ears, arms, hands, feet, toes, etc. are. 
Current favourites
  • Reading books - I recently added some new books to her collection and she loves me reading to her.
  • Colouring - she just loves to colour.
  • Dancing - her favourite song is still Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk!
  • Puzzles - she will sit for ages completing puzzles.
  • Frozen - she always asks to watch it, especially when she was poorly with an ear infection a month or so ago. It was the only thing that would keep her quiet!
  • Baby Annabell - she absolutely loves looking after her doll and is so loving and caring towards her.
  • Happyland - I've mentioned before but Sophie loves her Happyland! She plays with it daily and her favourites are the train set and cottage.
  • Cranes, diggers and tractors - she excitedly points them out whenever she sees one!
  • Playdoh - she will sit at her little table and play with it for ages and she plays so nicely with it.
I believe she is above average for her height and is about the size of an average three year old, but I guess she's always been tall. She's mainly in 3-4 years clothing wise and the last time we had her feet measured (at Clarks), they were a toddler size 8! I've lost count how many pairs of shoes she's been through this year haha! 

Potty training
We haven't started potty training yet, but I think she's started showing signs that she's ready now and will tell me when she's done a poo etc. I think we'll give it a go in the new year and see how we get on. I'd love to know what age your children started potty training and how you went about it and if you have any tips for us. I'm pretty clueless and if I'm honest, kind of dreading it!

So that's pretty much all I can think of now!  She really is a lovely little girl; she's got such a lovely personality and she's a real character too. She's an absolute pleasure to be around (most of the time! That's if you exclude the tantrums haha!). I can't believe in another 6 months time, we will have a 3 year old! 

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