My Goals For 2016

I've been thinking a lot recently about what I want to achieve this year. I do usually try and make at least one New Years Resolution - but I don't really stick to them. Instead, I think I will set myself some goals (both personal ones and for my blog) which hopefully I can aim towards throughout the year. So here it goes..

Personal goals
My main goal this year is to lose weight. I said it last year too, but for some reason my eating habits kind of spiralled out of control and the weight crept on. I'm already a member of Slimming World but I'm going to wipe the slate clean and really focus. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, as I lost two stone in my first year. I want to feel more confident in myself and be in good health. Especially if baby #2 is on the cards sometime in the future.

Another main goal this year is to save money. Now that Christmas is out of the way, Toby and I can start thinking about saving up, as we already have quite a lot planned for this year. I'll be starting a new job soon, working for the family business doing admin work, so that will bring in more income. We desperately want to buy a house together (as we're still renting at the moment) and there's a new car on the wish list too. There's also a family holiday to Scotland in August and possibly a new baby in the next year or two, and they certainly aren't cheap haha!

Blogging goals
This year, I aim to be more organised with my blog. I want to start writing more posts to schedule, instead of writing them and posting them on the same day! I recently ordered a new planner (which you can see above) by Kate Spade and I love it! So I'm hoping that will help me organise myself a bit better.

I would also like to engage with you all more on social media, as I think that's lacking a bit! If you have any particular posts you would like to read on here, please let me know! The links to where you can find us on social media are listed below.

I would love to work with more brands and companies too, but we'll have to see! That wasn't the reason I started this blog, but it is a bonus!

What are your goals for 2016?


  1. Ahh good luck with your goals, I`m sure they're very achievable! I love that planner! xx

    1. Thanks Hayley! I really hope I can achieve at least some of my goals this year. The planner is gorgeous isn't it? :) xx

  2. The planner looks beautiful. I got one in September but I haven't used it to its fullest yet which is one of my gals for this year.
    I need to lose a bit more weight too because my wedding is at the end of July.

    1. Oh it is, I love it! How exciting, I can't wait to see photos of your wedding! x


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