Thinking About Nursery

As I'm currently a stay-at-home mum, I haven't really felt the need to put Sophie in nursery. Until now that is. Although she has quite a few friends her age who she sees fairly often, I've started to think nursery would be a good option, for both of us.

We're pretty lucky and have plenty of support around us and family who are more than willing to look after her too, but at the moment she is just constantly bursting with energy and she loves being around other children - so I really think she will enjoy going. Just for a day or so a week. It means she gets used to being away from me for a short while and she can develop her own independence too.

Sophie turns 3 in June, so she will then qualify for the government funded 15 hours for nursery, but she won't start until the term after - which is September. And that seems ages away! I'll be going back to work part-time in the next few months, which means I'll still get to spend plenty of time with Sophie, but we will also get a bit of a break from each other and I can earn some extra income for our family (which also helps!). 

I think I'm going to have a look around a few nurseries soon and weigh up our options. Hopefully we can afford it, as nursery fees seem so expensive!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this. What age did your children start nursery?

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  1. I think every child is different, if you think that Sophie would benefit from nursery then go for it. It can be a little expensive but you have to work out the pro's and con's for you as a parent. xx

  2. I can definitely recommend nursery! We sent LO when he was 10 months as I had to go
    Back to my teaching job to make sure they didn't take away my mat pay. He has only ever gone two days (Tuesday and Thursday) but we find this is just enough- it gives him chance to experience different activities and adults, he has a routine and mixes with other children without having me there as a crutch. He loves going and it gives him some space and I get a bit of time away from him too
    Which is a healthy break. Definitely go for it! She'll love love
    Love it!! Good luck and I
    Hope you find a really lovely nursery xx

  3. we started ours at 3. I think every child is different, but she seemed ready and really enjoys it. She has only been going for three hours in the afternoons and will start all day next year at five. The break in the afternoons is nice

  4. Ah, how exciting! We are pretty much in the same boat at the moment but my daughter turns 3 in October so I think we will wait until then. I know she will enjoy it loads! x

  5. My daughter is only 18 months old but I've actually handed in an application form to our local pre school as its so popular. Seems crazy! I think Rosalie will really benefit from it but she won't go until she is 2 and a half. At the moment Rosalie is looked after by her Grandma and Nanny when I'm at work. I do her to classes but she is a bit reserved and clingy. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it xx

  6. I used to be a Nursery Teacher so my daughter started as a baby. It can be expensive so I guess shopping around might be a good idea and checking them out really carefully! I'm sure she will love it and just one piece of advice... the little ones can sometimes cry when mummy leaves but the reality is they stop as soon as your gone and then grizzle when you return to make you feel bad..and they have had a fantastic time.

  7. We put Lamb in nursery just after he turned 1 because my husband was struggling to stay awake while looking after him when I was working (he worked nights!) He's 3 next month and has been in nursery this whole time. I'm not working now but we have kept him in nursery as I believe it is so good for their development and social skills. I feel so guilty taking him when I'm at home all day, but I work on my blog and my brand and I'm also 27 weeks pregnant so the time is really good for me. We get funding early because we are on low income since both of us were made redundant. xx

  8. I honestly think that nursery is fantastic for every single child! I worked in a nursery, there were some who really HATED going but ended up not wanting to go home! It's a great way for kids to grow, learn and interact with other children their age, older and younger

  9. I think it is all up to what you want to do as a parent. Having being a nursery nurse and deputy manager/room leader for over 10 years I can go on and on about the benefits but at the end of the day you must do what you want to x

  10. I think this is a personal choice for you as mum and for Sophie. You have to do what feels right for the both of you and you know her best. I have only just in the last month started my 2 year old in nursery just one half a day a week and he now loves it. It is really great for both of us. ( x


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