Sophie At Almost 3 Years Old

It's been ages since I last did an update on Sophie but I love having these updates to look back on and it's amazing to see how much she has grown and learnt since her second birthday. She turns three in just a matter of weeks, so I thought it was time to write about how she's getting on.

Sophie is such a character and she has such a lovely personality too. She's a confident and independent little girl and enjoys being around other children. She also loves to be outdoors, whether in the garden or out on a walk - she just wants to be in the fresh air, exploring. She is so fun to be around and loves to be centre of attention and to make people laugh! She is pretty tall for her age and some people have mistaken her for a four year old haha! She's still in size 3-4 clothing and she's about a size 9 in shoes, although I could do with getting her feet measured again soon.

Since the beginning of the year, her speech has just got better and better and she can easily put sentences together and asks loads of questions! She's very good at using her manners too, although I do have to remind her sometimes! She loves singing songs too, which is so adorable!

Sophie is very confident with her colours now and can also count to around 14/15 by herself.

We put Sophie in nursery for two days a week, starting last month and she's settled in so well. On the days she isn't in nursery, she asks to see her friends and talks about what she gets up to there. It's so nice to see she's enjoying it and it was definitely the right decision. She was quite a fussy eater beforehand, but since starting nursery she's willing to try new things now, which makes things a bit easier!

We recently started potty training and although it's early days - Sophie has been doing amazingly well and she's had plenty of wees on the potty! She's also been doing really well at nursery and has been dry all day two or three times now. I'll do a separate post on it once we've cracked it properly.

She likes: being outdoors, soft toys, playing with her kitchen, Baby Annabell doll and Happyland toys, going to nursery, being around other children, Frozen, reading books

She dislikes: being indoors for a long period of time, sitting still!

I think that's about it, although I will update this post if I think of anything else! I can't believe it's only three weeks until Sophie's birthday!

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