You Made Me A Mother

There's no denying parenting is hard. Really hard, sometimes. And I certainly don't claim to be 'Parent Of The Year'. I make mistakes. Sometimes I can be too tired to do anything and we will spend the day being lazy & watching TV. Sometimes, I have bad days and I can shout too much. But I do try to be the best Mother I can be, to you. 

I carried you for nine whole months and I went through agonising pain to give birth to you. But it's all worth it when you cuddle me and tell me you love me. Or pick me flowers from the garden. Or do something that you know will make me laugh.

Yes, you drive me crazy sometimes. Like when you repeat everything I say. Or do something you know you shouldn't (like the time you covered my entire bathroom in talcum powder!). I often count down the hours until Daddy is home, so he can take over. Or until bedtime when I can finally put away all of the toys and switch off Disney Junior. Where I have the freedom to go to the toilet in peace, or have a shower without being followed.

I feel helpless when you are poorly. All I can do is hold your hand and rub your back while you're being sick. But that doesn't seem like enough. I will be lying there in bed, but not actually sleeping. Just listening and waiting for it to happen again. But I guess that's raw parenting. You make these sacrifices when you become a Mother. But I still wouldn't change it for the world.

I have loved watching you grow, learn new things and achieve each new milestone. You make me so proud. Having you was the best thing I have ever done and I love you more than you will ever know. So, thank you Sophie.

You made me a Mother.

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