Recent Buys #3 | Storage, Books & More!

It's been a while since I've done a recent buys post, so today I thought I would share some of the items I have bought recently!

We desperately needed some more storage in our bedroom. Toby and I were both sharing an Ikea Malm unit - but the drawers were overflowing! So I sold my desk as I hardly used it and we took a trip to Ikea a week or two ago and picked up another Malm unit to go in it's place. I also bought some drawer dividers, which are so useful for organising everything inside them.

I've wanted some nice makeup storage for a while now so I can actually see the products I have instead of everything thrown in a drawer, however I've just never got round to buying some. Once the drawers were built, I browsed eBay and found some which were ideal and they were very inexpensive too (I will link everything at the end of this post).

We're going to Scotland at the beginning of August for two weeks, so I thought I would treat myself to some new books. I don't read anywhere near as often as I'd like to, but I love getting into new books. Once I'm hooked, I will finish a book within a few days so I bought plenty to keep me going. I mentioned in my July Wishlist that I'd like to purchase Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher, so I picked that up as well as her other books as they've got great reviews.

Lastly, I bought a few bits for Sophie. Along with the books I ordered, I also purchased Oi Frog! As it looked like a great book and again had really good reviews. Sophie and I love reading it together and I think it's quickly become a firm favourite. I also ordered a new bedding set as we're going to move Sophie into a single bed in the next couple of months. I love the pattern of this one from the Great Little Trading Company. In the Zara sale, I ordered these Mickey Mouse print shorts which I think are so cute! 

Mickey Mouse Print Shorts

Do you like any of the items I have purchased recently?


  1. love the makeup organiser, though I don't think I have enough makeup to fill one haha. I read both of those Jojo Moyes books on holiday - much preferred the first but they were both good x

  2. We have the Malm drawers too but it's a mess on top of our ones! I love your makeup storage on top, it looks so pretty and stylish, along with your colourful books - I may have to borrow this idea! xx

  3. Ooo loving the make up storage. It looks fab! X

  4. I LOVE the makeup storage!!!! It reminds me of the stuff from MUJI — really fab :)

  5. I LOVE the makeup storage!!!! It reminds me of the stuff from MUJI — really fab :)

  6. Those shorts are just so cute. I am loving the make-up storage too - I need some of that.

  7. I love reading posts like these. I'm super nosey with what other people have been buying haha. My Muji make up drawers have just broken so will have to check out the one you got :) x

  8. I love the shorts.
    We need to get a few more storage boxes too but I'm going to wait until we move house because we probably need a lot more.


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