Things Sophie's Said #1

Sophie has always been a character and a little chatterbox, especially since she turned three, back in June. She has said so many funny things recently, so I thought I would write a few down...

- "Mummy, what's that in your tummy? Is it a surprise egg?"

- I was laughing at the above question and she said "Mummy, that's a cute smile!"

- Sophie was blowing raspberries and then said "I just trumped in my mouth"

- I put her in a dress the other day. She turned around to me and said "I look cute!"

- We were playing hide and seek and Toby asked "where's Sophie gone?!" Sophie replied "she's gone to the shop"

- Her favourite saying at the moment is "I'm a noisy pig" and then she snorts. It's so funny!

- We were in the car, on the way home from nursery when Sophie asks "Mummy, are you a frog?"

So there's just a few of the things Sophie has said! Has your child said something funny recently?

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