Life Lately #2 | December 2016

It's been a while since I've done a little update like this, but I just wanted to write down what's been happening recently, as life has been a bit crazy and stressful over the past few weeks...

Over the past month or two, I have noticed Sophie has been testing my patience quite a lot and pushing boundaries. However this past week has been pretty difficult, as it's that time of year when more bugs and illnesses do the rounds. Earlier this week, I ended up taking her to the doctors because she just wasn't herself and her cough had got worse. It turns out she had a chest infection - but thankfully, after a course of antibiotics, she is now back to her usual self, which is a huge relief. She was also back at preschool on Thursday, after ten days off (as she currently only does two full days a week). I had been running around after a poorly Sophie and Toby (who was also unwell) for days and I was just drained. And even after being housebound for a few days, I fell behind with the washing and the cleaning, which didn't help as I like to keep on top of them. However the break was well needed and I gradually caught up on my jobs. However the blog has taken a backseat and I haven't written many of the posts I wanted to write.

Another thing on my mind at the moment is obviously Christmas, which is now just two weeks away. I feel so unprepared this year - which isn't like me at all and I think it's starting to stress me out a little. I started shopping for presents fairly early, so thankfully Sophie's presents are bought and the majority of Toby's are too. However I have only just made a start on buying presents for family, plus I have to find the time to wrap everything - so I best get a move on!

Also, If you know me in real life, you will know I don't particularly like driving and I stopped altogether about two years ago. I don't have much confidence, so after my Mum recently broke her wrist, meaning she can't drive for at least six weeks, I got insured on her car so I could run us both around and we both wouldn't be stuck indoors. I am pretty pleased with myself for getting back into it.

I think that's pretty much summed up what's going on at the moment. Things have been a bit hectic recently, but I will try and do more of these updates when I can!

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  1. Aww i know how you feel about Xmas. I'm so behind with it too. Can't believe it's so close. Well done for getting back behind the wheel x

  2. Yep totally feeling the stress this month! Now to try and get all my christmas shopping dine quickly! x

  3. Ah bless you. I think all us Mama's are feeling the strain at this time of year. There is always so much to do, but it will all be worth for a few days off with our nearest and dearest. Hugs to you lovely, you're doing great! xxxx

  4. Oh no, it always gets so stressful with illness and Christmas coinciding. Hope this year is healthier!


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