A Fresh Start | Rejoining Slimming World

If you've been following this blog for a while, you may know I have previously been a member of Slimming World. In fact, I've been going on and off for the past three years. However, after gaining all of the weight I had previously lost (and a lot more), I decided to rejoin last week. I am so determined - more than ever before to lose weight and to be healthy again.

I joined Slimming World for the first time in 2013, just three months after having Sophie and lost two stone in about six months. I felt amazing and confident. However those two words are sadly the complete opposite of how I've been feeling for a very long time now. I lost all motivation and stopped going to group altogether, which meant my old eating habits soon reappeared and the weight I lost gradually creeped back on. It just spiralled out of control and I'm now the heaviest I have ever been, which makes me feel so ashamed of my myself. How did I let myself get to this point?

In all honestly, it makes me miserable. I have zero confidence and I avoid looking in the mirror because I hate the person looking back at me, I am constantly paranoid that people are looking at me and judging me because of my weight and I hate the fact that I'm not living my life properly and enjoying it as I should. I feel like my weight is holding me back from so many things. I know it's no one else's fault but mine, that I am like this. Something needed to change. And I'm finally gaining control and doing something for myself for a change.

I wanted to write this post, mainly to document how I was feeling at the beginning of this journey. And whenever I'm struggling or having a bad day in the days, weeks and months to come, I can read this post back and remember the reasons why I'm doing this...

I want to be a healthy weight and to look & feel good about myself, to have more confidence, to have more energy and not get out of breath so easily and not be embarrassed about seeing photos of myself.

I have set up a separate Instagram account, where I post all of my Slimming World meals - you can find me at @emmalambertsw.


  1. Aw I am so sorry to hear it's been getting you down! Joining again sounds very positive, I think it's awesome that you can break the difficult vicious cycle of eating and then emotional eating :D don't worry if your weight tends to yoyo a little, that's what mine is like, although I get strict with myself if I go past a certain marker, so mine yoyos about 9-10 stone which is normal for me; you go girl!! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. I know how much your weight and the way you feel in your own skin has been getting you down, and i just wanted to say I am so proud of you for finally taking the plunge and going back to slimming world, something that worked for you previously. Look forward to following your journey, and know if you ever have a bad day, I'm always here for you. You got this!! xx

  3. I relate with this post so much... I also lost a lot of weight but then I got a depression and from 55Kg I went to 80Kg in just a matter of months!
    I know the struggle and the lack of motivation BUT I can give you a great advice that I've been taking it myself: accept your body, accept it the way it is right now. Once you do it you can say out loud to the mirror "I'm like this now but I don't have to look like this forever!"
    I hope this helps you! I have to check Slimming World, I never heard about it before!
    Good luck :)

    The Vintage Owl | Bloglovin

  4. I have heard such good things about slimming world. I am starting a new diet tomorrow (' go figure') as I really have just piled it on recently. Good luck! x

  5. Good luck. Writing it down and committing to it is the best way to make it a reality. We all have setbacks but you can do it.

  6. I love following your new Instagram! Well done for re joining. I think that's harder than actually joining fresh. I'm a SW member too :) All the best lovely.

  7. I'm planning on starting SW again soon so will definately be keeping up to date with your updates xx

  8. I'm sorry it has got your down, but well done on getting back on it and starting again. That's the hard bit

  9. So sorry to hear its getting you down Emma! I can hands up admit I feel the same a lot of the time. It's amazing how you've decided to write your feelings down here so you can look back and see how far you've come, you've got this mama! XXX


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