Finding Out We're Expecting Baby #2

If you have seen our recent announcement, then you will know that we are currently expecting baby number two! I wrote this post over two months ago now, on the day we got that positive test...


I don't know whether this post will ever get published or not. However I wanted to write all of my thoughts and feelings down, as I don't think I can keep this a secret much longer... I'm pregnant!

I found out today that I was expecting our second baby. I was due to come on my period yesterday. But as you can guess, it never came. Today started off as any other day really, we got up and I got Sophie dressed for pre-school so Toby could take her. I knew I was a day late but I didn't really think anything of it to be honest. We had been trying for around four months and I was pretty sure my period would arrive at some point. However I'm impatient and just wanted to know either way. I had two pregnancy tests left from the previous month and I was bursting for the toilet. So once they had left the house, I took a test. 

I waited a couple of minutes and glanced at the test.

Two lines.

Wow. I couldn't believe it. I was, and still am, in complete shock to be honest. I did not expect it whatsoever. Mainly because I wasn't really getting any obvious symptoms, apart from sore boobs (which is common for me before 'the time of the month' anyway). I just had an urge to do a test. I also felt nauseous last night and I have noticed my hair getting greasy really quickly recently, which doesn't usually happen. After a quick Google search, it is apparently a common early pregnancy symptom! Who knew!

My first reaction was to ring Toby, so I just asked him to come home, as I knew he wasn't far away. He kept asking why, but I said I couldn't say over the phone. He agreed anyway, that once he had dropped Sophie off, he would come back home.. which he did. I think it was the biggest birthday surprise for him ever! It still hasn't quite sunk in yet, for either of us. 

I'm just hoping and praying that everything is well. It is something we have wanted for a long time and I can't help but dream of how life will be as a family of four. I'm so anxious already this time around and compared to my first pregnancy, I'm all too aware of the things that can go wrong.

Please stay sticky, little bean. You are so loved already.


  1. Aaaw congratulations - I found my second to be so much easier than my first as I'd learnt that I didn't have to do everything that everyone told me to do ;-)

    1. Thank you! Haha that's so true, at least we have a bit of experience now so hopefully once the baby arrives, we will kind of know what to expect x

  2. Aww the biggest congratulations to you! It's such an exciting time. xxx

  3. I remember this day like it was yesterday! your excitement and the fact you couldn't believe it was finally happening! eeee so happy to follow your journey! xx

    1. Oh I know, it feels like ages ago now doesn't it?! Thank you lovely xx


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