4-11 Weeks Pregnancy Update - Baby #2

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been keeping a little diary of how I've been feeling each week, before we had our 12 week scan. It was such an anxious time, which I'm sure most of you can relate to.

So this is my pregnancy so far...

The week when I did the test and found out we were expecting. You can read more about us finding out here.I had a few symptoms this week; my hair was getting very oily within a day of washing it, one night I had sharp tingling in my boobs and the night before I took the test, I felt very nauseous.   

I have had a number of symptoms/signs, which are changing day by day. I’ve noticed I’ve been weeing more frequently, I'm feeling nauseous on and off throughout the day, more tired than usual and I've been suffering with a bit of insomnia.

This week I also went to see the doctor and I mentioned I was also pregnant. I told the receptionist I needed to book an appointment with the midwife soon and as it happens, they could fit me in the same afternoon. I saw the midwife who took some details and now I have to wait for my booking in appointment. I’m actually quite nervous about it all, as it’s been over four years since I did all this!

I've been feeling so nauseous and my appetite has been really lacking too. I've felt exhausted too and I've been going back to bed once Sophie is dropped off at preschool, although I've found my old pregnancy pillow helps me get comfortable. My boobs are so sore too and my lower back. At the end of the week I started to feel really rough and the morning sickness really started and the vomiting began. We hadn't planned on telling anyone yet, but a few close family members worked it out (I think the sickness gave it away!).

I'm still feeling exhausted and nauseous, especially in the evenings. My boobs are still really sore too and I've started cramping, which I know is probably just stretching but it's making me really anxious. I received my maternity notes and booking appointment letter in the post for two weeks time.

My appetite still hasn't returned. I feel pretty awful in the evenings, so I tend to take myself to bed and have an early night. Although the main thing that happened this week was our private scan, I've been so anxious since we found out and I wanted reassurance. Going from the date of my last period I should have been 7+6 (so practically 8 weeks) however baby was measuring four days behind at 7+2. The sonographer said this is fine and we will get a more accurate date at the 12 week scan.

It was such a relief to find out that baby was okay. I had got myself worked up since we found out and I was thinking the worst. However baby looked perfect, it was in the right place and we could see the heart flickering away. It was such a relief.

However the next day I went to the toilet and I had pink spotting when I wiped (sorry TMI, but it is a pregnancy update!). I was terrified and I thought it was all over. I made a doctors appointment for that day, who then referred me to the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU). An appointment was made at EPU for the following morning. I was going out of my mind with worry and felt so sick with nerves. Thankfully it turned out everything was okay and we saw the heartbeat and there was no obvious reason for the bleeding. I was reassured once again that everything was fine. 

Although just two days later, there was a small amount of red blood along with more pink spotting. I phoned EPU directly and an appointment was made for five days time (which would be a week since the last scan). The wait was torture and I just wanted to know the baby was okay. 

I firstly had the booking in appointment with midwife, where she took loads of blood, checked my urine etc. My symptoms seemed to fade a bit this week, which worried me. The day after we had our second scan at EPU and everything was fine with baby. It was measuring exactly one week ahead which was great news. Again they could find no obvious reason for the bleeding, so afterwards a doctor examined me and said my cervix was inflamed. She said not to worry about pink spotting but to come back if I started bleeding heavily. My symptoms then came back full force, including morning sickness! It felt safe enough to book the 12 week scan, for three weeks time, too.

My lower back has been really sore for some reason. My morning sickness is still there, although I found the anti-sickness tablets that the doctor prescribed help to a certain extent (although not all the time). I also had a really vivid dream, which I remember when I was pregnant with Sophie. It wasn't nice at all and it was actually very upsetting.

My skin is awful at the moment and has broken out in spots, which I'm assuming is the increase in hormones. I'm looking forward to the 12 week scan next week, although it's been a while since the last scan so I'm worried something is going to be wrong (I know I sound really negative, but I just can't shake it off). I'm still vomiting occasionally, but I'm still keeping fluid down so I'm sure it will be fine. I ordered a fetal doppler on Amazon and after a week or so of trying, I found the baby's heartbeat! It was a massive relief. I also found it again the day before the scan, which really helped ease my anxiety and I wasn't dreading the scan as much.

I am hoping to do weekly pregnancy updates from now on too, so please do keep an eye out for those if you want to follow my pregnancy journey!


  1. The early days are so incredibly stressful aren't they - I remember feeling like they took forever x

    1. Oh definitely, time seemed to really drag in the early weeks x

  2. Oh look at the tiny little baby at 7 weeks, you can see them shape forming already! Congratulations

    1. Thank you! It's amazing how you can tell it's a baby that early isn't it x

  3. Congratulations lovely! The early days are so hard. It'll start to feel more like you are pregnant when your bump starts to grow xx

    1. Thank you lovely! The early days are so stressful aren't they x

  4. Love seeing updates. I've never done them. Not sure why. I never had morning sickness on my two pregnancies.

    1. Thank you Janine! I hadn't started blogging yet when I was pregnant with Sophie, so I wanted to document as much as I can this time around! Oh really?! It's amazing how everyone's pregnancies are so different x

  5. Oh lovely, I remember feeling EXACTLY the same this time too. I'm sure subsequent pregnancies bring more anxiety. xo

    1. It's terrifying isn't it? I completely agree but at least I know I'm not alone feeling like this xx

  6. The early days are really nerve wracking. Especially when you find out so soon too. Good luck!!


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