18 Week Pregnancy Update - Baby #2

I've finally got round to writing up my 18 week pregnancy update as I had fallen a little behind! Here's how I was feeling...

31st October 2017

The baby is around the size of a pickle now, she weighs around 6.7 ounces and is around 5.59 inches in length. She is also practicing breathing amniotic fluid and its chest is moving in rhythm as if breathing air. The baby's hearing has now developed so that she can hear the sounds coming from outside the womb much clearer.

It's a GIRL!

I've been feeling ok this week, maybe a little bit hormonal but I think that's just pregnancy - it's an emotional roller coaster isn't it? I've been rather anxious too, as I've been getting occasional sharp pains, mainly on my lower left side. I think it's just round ligament pain although I ended up ringing the maternity unit for advice. However they said they wouldn't see me until 20 weeks so if I was worried to ring my doctor. I made an appointment and everything seems fine, so it probably is just things stretching and moving around.

The sickness has stayed around the same and it seems to be just twice a week for the time being! I've noticed the tiredness is creeping back, although that may just be because I've started working again and I'm not used to the early starts but I'm sure I will get used to them!

I'm still sleeping fine although I had another vivid dream this week which woke me up. I know it is pregnancy related as I had them with Sophie. They just seem so real and really upset me, as it's always something to do with the baby :(

I've felt occasional flutters but no huge movements yet as she's still pretty small.

I'm still not craving anything really, which is strange for me as I had quite a few cravings in my last pregnancy.

There hasn't really been one this week to be honest, it's been a long week!

I'm still looking forward to the 20 week scan and seeing our baby girl again.


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  1. Aww I remember this stage with Freddie. Seems so long ago! How is my baby going to be two this year!

  2. Proper cute baby gro! 😍 I love reading updates. Makes me broody for number three!!

  3. I was going to say, yay, nearly twenty weeks, but you already know you're having a girl! I miss feeling movement so hopefully that will start to happen more and more soon x

  4. What a fab idea, I saw that Sarah from Roseyhome did this too. I think it will be the only way I stay consistent with updating every week. Its a lovely memory too so I think I am also going to do these updates. I have a baby book for both Sophia and Archie and nothing at all for this baby. I just feel like its going so quickly for me. We wont be far apart either Emma, I am due on the 15 December. Looking forward to following the rest of your journey. xx


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