Baby Purchases #2

I'm back today with another haul of baby items I have purchased over the past few months. You can read my previous baby purchases post here in case you missed it.

I've heard amazing things about MAM over the past few years, in particular their bottles so I knew I wanted to try them with our second baby. I love that you can sterilise them individually in the microwave, as it makes them ideal for travelling. I didn't manage to successfully breastfeed Sophie so we used bottles from day one, however she suffered with awful colic for the first twelve weeks, so I'm willing to try something new if it helps this time around.

We almost purchased the Perfect Prep last time but I definitely think it will be so useful this time around, especially for night feeds as it makes the perfect temperature bottle in two minutes!

I purchased this months ago as I thought it would fit perfectly in the nursery but it also has lots of useful features. It has a clock, nightlight, room temperature indicator (which changes colour - red if the room is too warm, blue if too cold and white if it's a safe temperature), a sound machine which plays four soothing sounds and a feeding diary.

I remember using a pillow like this when Sophie was newborn and it really helped get comfortable when feeding her. I'm going to keep this one downstairs and once she gets a bit bigger it can be used for tummy time and to support her to sit.

I purchased two boxes of these Water Wipes in the Asda Baby Event a couple of months ago. They are the purest wipes on the market, with 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract so they are perfect for a newborn's sensitive skin.

What were your favourite baby purchases?

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  1. We bought through MAM anti-colic bottles too but still had a colicky baby. I think maybe it's just one of those things? If I had my time again I'd definitely fork out for a perfect prep machine, good shout!

  2. I had those MAM bottles with sophia they are brilliant. Boppy cushion is also brilliant for breastfeeding! xx

  3. We had a perfect prep machine 2nd time around and I have to say it was the best baby item I EVER bought. They save so much time and the night feeds were a dream. You wont regret it.

  4. water wipes are the best! Something I was actually allowed to use at the hospital lol x

  5. Water wipes are our favourite too! All three of my little ones had super sensitive skin so we think they are brilliant and well worth the money xx

  6. We have those MAM bottles and they're great. We combine feed so breast in the day and bottle at night and have done since birth. Our little one doesn't have any difficulty or nipple confusion. (I bought the bottles because I wasn't convinced I could breastfeed this time because I couldn't with my son- but it seems each baby is different. But I also wasn't going to risk sleepless nights with no formula haha)

  7. A feeding pillow is definitely a big essential. I used mine all the time, even in pregnancy to get into a more comfy position. The serenity star looks great too. Love its design!

  8. We love water wipes, I stocked up with about 5-6 boxes while they were on offer before Isabelle arrived. Heard great things about the MAM bottles too, although we use tommee tippee ones :) Xx

  9. We love water wipes and the MAM bottles!


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