Preparing For Weaning

We're recently started weaning Amelia, as you may know she recently turned six months old - which is the recommended age to start introducing food. So today I thought I would share a few things I have purchased to prepare for this new weaning journey!

It feels completely new to me, as it's been quite a while since we weaned Sophie! I know there are a couple of different methods to try. There's the more traditional way which is mainly purees or there's baby-led weaning (BLW). However I think we are just going to try and mixture of both and see what works for us and which method Amelia prefers.

I picked up these Munchkin divider plates from Asda, which were around £4 and I thought they would be great for finger foods.

I also chose a variety of purees, which are perfect for introducing new tastes and flavours, as well as Aptamil baby porridge, rusks and biscotti biscuits and the Organix carrot sticks. Most of which were also Sophie's favourites too!

I then ordered the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug, which has a removable play tray. I thought this was ideal for meal times, as Amelia can feed herself too.

Do you have any weaning tips?


  1. We have those plates! They're so handy! xx

  2. Oh weaning...that is something I really don't miss! Those plates are fab though!

  3. Ah all the beautiful colours! My biggest tip for weaning would be a HUGE wipeable mat for the floor. Our carpets are destroyed!!

  4. wipeable mats will be your best friend. One thing I always had to tell myself was let Amelia be messy, let her feed herself, it's how she will learn. Everything can be cleaned after :) xx

  5. Ahhh weaning, it's such a minefield isn't it? You have some good essentials though.

  6. Ah my daughter was obsessed with the carrot purée, I must admit it was a fun part of her weaning journey. She was pretty obsessed with her little bumbo, not as fun as this one though.


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