Storage Solutions Around Our Home

Since we moved into our new home last year, we have been slowly been updating it with new furniture. We always look for something that not only looks nice, but is practical too - which is essential when you have children (and a lot of clutter!). So I wanted to share some of our storage ideas around our home.


Sophie's Halloween Basket

I'm so excited to be sharing what's in Sophie's Halloween basket with you today! I didn't get round to making one last year and this year I have left it a little bit last minute - but it came together quite nicely and it's finally finished! So come and take a look at some of the things we have included, as it may just give you some inspiration if you're thinking of making one yourself.


The Ordinary Moments #2 - A Little Autumn Walk

I don't know why, but recently we haven't really ventured out anywhere. We've spent a lot of time in the house and I think it was driving us both a little bit crazy. Especially Sophie. So along with my Mum (and the dog), we went for a little walk to one of our local parks.


Halloween Books For Children

As Halloween is exactly three weeks away, I thought I would share my top children's Halloween books. Throughout the year, I like to order different themed books and in the run up to each holiday, Sophie and I will sit and read them together. I think it's a lovely way to spend time together and it also encourages reading skills, while making it fun and exciting too!


October Wishlist

You may have noticed that I share regular wishlists on my blog of items that I've currently got my eye on (which is usually full of items for the home or for Sophie!). So now that we're in October, I thought I would write down everything on my wishlist this month and share it with you.
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