What's In Baby's Hospital Bag

After sharing what's in my hospital bag yesterday, I thought I would do a separate post on what's in baby's hospital bag.


What's In My Hospital Bag

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today, so I thought it was about time I shared what's in my hospital bag! I finished packing it about a week ago, which is a little later than I hoped but it's all set to go now which is a huge relief!


33 & 34 Week Pregnancy Update - Baby #2

This is my 33 and 34 week pregnancy update with baby number two. The weeks seem to be flying so quickly now and it won't be long until we meet our baby girl!

Our Last Weekend As A Family Of Three

So you may have already seen that we're having our baby girl sometime this week, which meant last weekend was our last as a family of three. I wanted to take some photos of us on our last weekend, to remember this time together before our newest member joins our family. So on Saturday we visited the park for a little Autumn walk.


Testing For Group B Strep In Pregnancy With Strepelle

Do you know what Group B Strep (GBS) is? Admittedly, I had heard of it before - however I didn't know anything about it. That was until I was offered to test and review Strepelle earlier on in my pregnancy. After a quick search on Group B Strep, I immediately said yes, as I didn't want to risk leaving it undetected and passing it onto my unborn baby.
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