A Trip To The Lavender 2017

Earlier this week we made last-minute plans and visited a lavender farm, which isn't too far from us. I've wanted to get some photos of Sophie in the lavender for a couple of years now, but we just never find the time to go. I think we left it a little bit late this year - but I'm still glad we went and I managed to get a few photos, which I thought I would share with you all.

We will definitely go back again next year to take some more photos - but hopefully it will be a little earlier!

I hope you like them! Have you taken any lavender photos this year?


  1. we haven't been able to get out to our closest lavender field yet - but have plans before the summer is through! lovely pictures x

  2. Oh such beautiful photos. I always love lavender photos, always look so calming to me

  3. You captured some lovely photos. The bee one is beautiful. I love her cute little white dress too, the colours contrast beautiful.

  4. Such Gorgeous photos!! I haven't managed to get to a Lavander field with the girls yet - def going to try and find one next year such a pretty back drop! x

  5. You really have managed to capture some amazing photos here

  6. These photos are absolutely stunning lovely! I really wish we had some lavender fields near us to capture some photos, i love seeing everyone else's. xx


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